The hunt is afoot!

The Village of North Aurora is hosting its third Village-wide scavenger hunt where teams will need to solve riddles to find a total of 10 different locations around town.  The 2022 Scavenger Hunt will officially launch with the the first clue on Thursday, July 7 at 3:00 p.m. (see below or the Village Facebook).

The Overview

You and your team will solve riddles that identify a public location in North Aurora and also the location of the next clue, which will be a card that features the Scavenger Hunt logo (see below). All cards will look different as they will be colored and cut so they are camouflaged at the locations so please be certain to look for the Scavenger Hunt logo in your search.

Each clue card will be laid out in the following format:

(Find details at or

Location #: Name of Location

Riddle Here!

You will need to make sure you write down each clue location number and name as you will need to submit both once you’ve found the last location (#10) to be eligible to win a prize! All information on how to submit will be provided at the last clue location.

The Scavenger Hunt will run from July 7, 2022 at 3:00 pm to Monday, August 1, 2022 at 10:00 am. All answers must be submitted by such time to qualify.


The Rules

1) You (or your team) must have at least one North Aurora resident to participate.
2) Please do not remove or tamper with clues.
3) Do not post or share riddles or locations; we want everyone to have fun and a chance to solve the riddles!
4) Make sure you write down each clue location as you will need to submit all ten at the end of the scavenger hunt.
5) Please adhere to all posted signs, including those that note parks close at dusk (one hour past sunset). This is for your own safety.
6) Take any fun photos on your hunt? Email them to to be used in the “Your Community Snapshot” feature!
7) Have fun!

The Prizes

If you manage to solve all ten riddles and subsequently find all ten locations, congratulations, you did it! If you are the first — third team to submit the correct answers you will win a gift card to a North Aurora business of your choosing in the following amounts:

  • First Place: $100
  • Second Place: $50
  • Third Place: $25

If you are the fourth place finisher onwards you still have a chance to win a gift card! Your team will be assigned a raffle number that will be randomly chosen when the event has finished and if your number is selected you will also win a $25 gift card to a North Aurora business of your choosing.


The First Riddle

Two green roofs make a pretty picture
Hills and paths and water appear
Our founders once walked these ways
There is so much wonder here.

Our gears are always turning
There are so many great ideas to be found
Every plan needs the right tools
Let’s pool our resources together and astound.



We took a vote over the first weekend of the hunt and the following locations each received a small hint. Please feel free to use them upon your hunt!

Location #4: In the first line of your current clue look at the 6th (last) word. The Village might not have one of these but what typically does? And how would that location relate in any way to our town?
Location #7: Look at the fourth word on the first line; what’s a synonym for that? Can you think of anywhere in North Aurora that might be applicable? Also be sure to pay attention to your directions!
Location #8: This riddle has an extra bonus hint in the second verse to help give you some direction to narrow down options. Look at the third word in the very last line and ask yourself how that relates to the Village of North Aurora and see if it gives you any ideas 🙂
Location #10: The final destination 😃 Your hint is to look at the very first line fourth word; the rest of the line after that responds to it but what might be an antonym for it that could work? Also look at the “places” listed that this location says it has (and thereby also what it doesn’t) as there’s a lot to explore here.



If you have any questions about the Scavenger Hunt please contact Village Hall at 630-897-8228.


North Aurora Days 2024 – August 2 & 3 – North Aurora Riverfront Park

North Aurora Days 2024 – August 2 & 3 – North Aurora Riverfront Park